All new (fluff)Friends blog

Welcome to my brand new (fluff)Friends blog. This isn’t intended to replace the Official (fluff) Blog, but to supplement it with summaries of recent news, opinions and analysis of stuff like LE Shop prices, controversies that erupt on the forums and discussion boards, and administrative decisions that make no sense.

If you have any tips or ideas about stories, please send them to kmorton1234 (at)

Keep an eye out for more to come in the next day or two, and don’t forget to bookmark!


One Response to All new (fluff)Friends blog

  1. Ruban says:

    Great job on the blog!

    “administrative decisions that make no sense.”

    Why are there no ‘masculine’ looking pets? I was expecting a tough looking Lion but instead it turned out to be a cute little cub Lion. Next I am hoping for a Phoenix and watch it turn out to be a Peacock version with bright red and a bit of orange. -__-

    They need to also get a new contest running! So the old Fluffers can maintain their sanity! 😮

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